Ways To Make Your Bug-Out Bag Lighter


In today’s world, the news s filled with plenty of conflicts and wars and natural disasters around the world. This is why experts recommend keeping a bug-out bag ready in your home. What is a bug out bag you wonder? The purpose of having a bug-out bag is to help you survive till you get evacuated in case of any kind of natural disaster or conflicts etc. According to lifehacker.com, it is filled with all sorts of necessary items to help you get through at least three days. Since these bags will be required to be carried around when you have to walk a long distance or run from your attackers, it is best to make it a slight as possible. Here are few non-essential items that you can take from your bug-out bag to make it considerably lighter:

· Sleeping Bags
These tend to be heavy and add on a lot of weight to your bag. Instead of using a sleeping bag, you can pack emergency tarps that work just as well. However, this depends on the weather in your locality.

· Tent
Tents are very heavy and add a lot of weight to your bug-out bag. Get some tarp that you can use to build an emergency shelter. This can reduce around five to ten pounds from your backpack.

· Camping Lantern
If you have already packed a flashlight with extra batteries, you can get rid of the camping lantern from your bug-out bag. You can also start a fire in case you need more light.

· Flare Gun
Flare guns are usually used to be easily spotted by the other. According to experts, a flare gun isn’t really necessary in a bug-out bag as there are several other ways to make yourself visible. Building a huge fire is an easy way to attract attention from your rescuers.

· Canned Food
Another common mistake most people make while packing their bug-out bag is putting in a lot of canned food. Unfortunately, canned food is quite heavy as they have a lot of water in it. A better substitute would be freeze dried foods that are very light weight. These backpack meals will be ready to eat just a few minutes after adding some boiling water to it.

· Cast Iron Skillets
Unless you plan on making gourmet meals in the midst of surviving till you are evacuated, you can safely throw away the cast iron skillet from your bug-out bag. Just pack a small cook set that is lightweight.

· Plate ware
The same goes for additional plate ware. All you need is a spork to get you through the seventy-two hours. You can eat the food straight out of the cooking pot, or the freeze dried meal package. This way you can save space and reduce weight at the same time.

· Toiletries
Camp soap, toothbrush and toothpaste are the only things you need as toiletries in your bug-out bag. Since the bug-out bag is intended to help you survive till you are safely evacuated, you can survive without having shampoos or mouthwash or deodorant.

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