Budget Travellers Must Try These In San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is visited by many tourists all round the year. If money is a huge concern and you want to save, there are still many option filled up for you in this city. City pass will help you access the major attractions of the city. They will take you to the aquarium of the bay and De Young museum. There are many museums that allow free admission inside. You can visit them and have a great time exploring quite a few interesting stuffs. There are a few museums that allow free entry on particular days of a month or week.

When you think of san Francisco things to do at a lower budget, do not get disheartened. Besides museum, there are many other things to explore. They are simply amazing and fun filled ways to enjoy your stay in the city. You will find many festivals and performances around the city. They are a major attraction in the evening time. It is really good to watch the local people perform some traditional art forms. These things are common in the summer months. You can hire a tour guide to help you out. Every Sunday there is an outdoor concert helped named as Stern Grove. You can watch San Francisco ballet and many other art forms over here.

Many sites in this city can be visited for free. The botanical garden is free to visit. You can take a walk along the sidewalk in the crooked street. This is a major attraction for the visitors. You must go and watch the Golden Gate Bridge. There are many other attractions around over here. The day you visit the Golden Gate you will have many things to see in the nearby area.