Ways To Make Your Bug-Out Bag Lighter


In today’s world, the news s filled with plenty of conflicts and wars and natural disasters around the world. This is why experts recommend keeping a bug-out bag ready in your home. What is a bug out bag you wonder? The purpose of having a bug-out bag is to help you survive till you get evacuated in case of any kind of natural disaster or conflicts etc. According to lifehacker.com, it is filled with all sorts of necessary items to help you get through at least three days. Since these bags will be required to be carried around when you have to walk a long distance or run from your attackers, it is best to make it a slight as possible. Here are few non-essential items that you can take from your bug-out bag to make it considerably lighter:

· Sleeping Bags
These tend to be heavy and add on a lot of weight to your bag. Instead of using a sleeping bag, you can pack emergency tarps that work just as well. However, this depends on the weather in your locality.

· Tent
Tents are very heavy and add a lot of weight to your bug-out bag. Get some tarp that you can use to build an emergency shelter. This can reduce around five to ten pounds from your backpack.

· Camping Lantern
If you have already packed a flashlight with extra batteries, you can get rid of the camping lantern from your bug-out bag. You can also start a fire in case you need more light.

· Flare Gun
Flare guns are usually used to be easily spotted by the other. According to experts, a flare gun isn’t really necessary in a bug-out bag as there are several other ways to make yourself visible. Building a huge fire is an easy way to attract attention from your rescuers.

· Canned Food
Another common mistake most people make while packing their bug-out bag is putting in a lot of canned food. Unfortunately, canned food is quite heavy as they have a lot of water in it. A better substitute would be freeze dried foods that are very light weight. These backpack meals will be ready to eat just a few minutes after adding some boiling water to it.

· Cast Iron Skillets
Unless you plan on making gourmet meals in the midst of surviving till you are evacuated, you can safely throw away the cast iron skillet from your bug-out bag. Just pack a small cook set that is lightweight.

· Plate ware
The same goes for additional plate ware. All you need is a spork to get you through the seventy-two hours. You can eat the food straight out of the cooking pot, or the freeze dried meal package. This way you can save space and reduce weight at the same time.

· Toiletries
Camp soap, toothbrush and toothpaste are the only things you need as toiletries in your bug-out bag. Since the bug-out bag is intended to help you survive till you are safely evacuated, you can survive without having shampoos or mouthwash or deodorant.

Get A Clear Picture By Asking Questions

hotel rooms

When people plan to go for a holiday, they think that many aspects such as booking a hotel or taking a vehicle on rent will be pretty easy. But it is not the case if you have a budget on which you have prepared for a holiday. A lot of holiday resorts offer incorrect packages to a lot of customers. Fake news of clc world scams has made a lot of people wary of accepting holiday offers. It is quite easy to verify such offers. Tourism.gov.mv/ has advised people to check carefully about the holiday destination before they select and decide on one. People who have been on holidays understand the difficulty of not asking things apparently. When you ask for a particular thing, you will be expecting a clear answer. A person with a lot of vacation experience knows what to ask and how they can get a crisp reply. So if you plan a vacation, do not forget t shoot questions if you are in doubt.

You can ask for on which floor your room is. You are paying for the room. So it is your right to ask a question about the room. You may be wanting a room which is facing the sea or a room on the ground floor which is quite and calm. If you are not happy with the room which is given to you, you can ask the hotel to provide you another room for the same price. If you are willing to pay extra, you will be getting a much better room. For all these what you need is some patience as while giving another room to you, the hotel people may be doing their job by giving the room allotted to you to another person. Once the room is allotted to you, you can ask the receptionist whether an early check-in is allowed or a late check-out is permitted. It may because you still have problems with your travel plan. You can tell the reason behind asking this as they might help you in getting a good travel plan.

Many hotels provide a parking facility for the people who is lodging. However, there is no issue in asking for a parking place. Sometimes, in some hotels, you have to pay extra for parking while in some hotels it is for free. It is better to ask these questions before hand rather than getting yourself a surprise. Some hotels will not have enough space for parking. However if asked they can provide your parking space in some other area which comes under their control. If you are on a travel package, it might not include everything that is available in the hotel or resort. If you want to avail those facilities, you can ask them the rate of it. For example, if the resort has a gym, you can ask for the fee if the gym is not included in the package.

If you plan to take a walk or to travel without taking a car, you are free to ask the hotel people how the surroundings are? If in doubt, feel free to ask questions. It is better to get a clear understanding rather than facing surprises.

Guidelines To Ensure A Comfortable Flight To London

Planning a holiday is always a pleasure. However, when it comes time to actually have to endure the flight in order to get to your chosen destination, many people dread the experience. Regardless of the airline with which you choose to fly, it can be a challenge to get and to remain, comfortable from take-off to landing at London. This goes for both international and domestic flights. Luckily, it is possible to make the overall Your City Experience a bit more enjoyable. For more details, readers can browse the website Xe.com.

Simple travel tips
Book your airline tickets strategically: If you are flying economy class, space will always be a consideration. However, there are certain seats that are superior to others. For instance, if you are planning to get some much-needed shut-eye during the flight, you might want to consider booking a window seat.

If you choose an aisle seat, chances are you will have to get up a lot in order to let the person sitting next to you in and out as needed. Alternatively, if you want to take advantage of the in-flight entertainment and you aren’t really worried about sleep, an aisle seat will be ideal and should provide you with some extra leg room for added comfort.

Pack your carry-on luggage wisely: When packing your carry-on bag, remember to take any chronic medication and your little luxuries with you, such as deodorant, toothpaste etc. Just ensure that the toiletries that you plan to use for freshening up are travel-size in order to avoid having them confiscated before even boarding the plane.

Stretch your legs as much as possible: Flying long distances can result in poor circulation which, in turn, can cause terrible leg cramps. In order to keep the blood flowing and the pain to a minimum, be sure to walk around the cabin as much as you can without disturbing those around you. There are also a few leg exercises that you can do whilst sitting down – most of which are explained in the in-flight brochure or magazine. If the duration is long, make a short walk in the flight to relax your muscles.

Control your alcohol consumption: While it may sound appealing to dull your senses with copious amounts of alcohol, this is never a good idea. Alcohol will leave you feeling dehydrated and sore long before you reach your destination. Instead, try to drink plenty of water throughout the flight for enhanced health benefits.

Take eye drops with you: Most people complain about experiencing dry eyes when traveling. This is no coincidence! The moisture within the cabin is very low indeed, making it easy for eyes, lips, throats and nasal passages to dry out very quickly. If you have eye drops, lip balm and nasal spray handy; you will be able to avoid this discomfort completely.

The next time that you book a flight ticket, keep these essential tips in mind for a hassle-free, pleasant travel experience time after time.

Looking Right This Thanksgiving Season

Wearing clothes based on your body type could be the right thing to do this Thanksgiving. Each of us is unique in our body shape which is why not all clothes will fit everyone. Therefore, you need to wear clothes that can flatter your figure and accentuate the best-looking features of your body and cover up the areas that must be covered. Worried about not knowing your body shape? StyleWe 2016 brings you the latest body shape calculator and how you can dress accordingly. The fashion industry is one of the most flourishing among all the retail industries says http://www.ons.gov.uk/businessindustryandtrade/retailindustry/datasets/retailsalesbusinessanalysis.

For people who have a straight body, there are so many fashion choices available. With the holiday season, there are so many parties that you get invited to. And the common confusion that comes along with such invitations is what to wear. We always look for options that work both for office as well as that party you want to go. Here are some fantastic choices for you.

You can go for a fancy A-line dress with laces and a belt at the waist to show off that fabulous figure. Choose classic colors such as black and white because they work the best for anyone. You can play around by combining this dress with red color accessories to get that sexy look. This look will give you the perfect way to show off your straight body as it gives you a fuller look. Accentuating the hips and bust, make your legs looks longer too. Couple them with a pair of heels and you are ready to go.

The lace A-Line dress is an excellent choice as it works well for any body type. The lace detail also gives you a sophisticated look and looks party friendly too. You can go for a jeweled skinny belt with a bow that adds drama to your waist and draws attention to your structure. The perfect footwear for this dress is red pump heels that add more length to your legs and gives you an edge. The best part about these shoes is that they are very comfortable for dance floor too.

It is important that you choose the right accessories as they can make or break the look. Add a little sparkle to your look by carrying a bright clutch which draws attention to your style. This red clutch looks great as it has the pop color matching the party look we are aiming at.

To complete the look go for stylish earrings that make the entire ensemble look great. Choose a sleep silver plated earrings with red crystals embellished in them so that they look stunning and great along with the red pumps and the sparkling clutch. This will attract the attention from your dress to the accessories you are wearing.

Let go of your usual style of clothes and experiment a little but by choosing outfits that are easy going and party friendly. This holiday season rocks your new look and takes over the party by storm.

Best Places For Homes In Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is a resort location providing various recreational activities, first-rate cultural facilities, a desirable climate throughout the year, community conveniences and many others that make it a perfect place to live. This island is situated on the border of the states of Georgia and South Carolina. The nearest airports to Hilton Head are the airport in Hilton Head and Savannah in Georgia. It is better if you find a rental or vacation home close to any of these two airports. The Hilton Head Island beach homes are not much difficult to find.

You must choose the location of your new home in Hilton Head Island. If you want a rental home for a vacation trip then you must check whether the home is spacious for the people going to live along with you. It must have the sufficient number of bedrooms, bathrooms and all the basic amenities including wireless internet, TV with free music channels and movies based on additional cost. It must also include beds with pillows, necessary equipment in the kitchen, laundry units etc.

It must have an oceanic view so that it adds more relaxation to your vacation. If old people came along with you, then you can choose the home with elevator facility so that it is easy for them to avoid climbing a staircase. Your rental home should be very close and at a walkable distance to the beach. You should not spend more time to access the other entertainment destinations in this island like restaurant, outdoor ocean side bar, live music, shopping then it is the waste of time.

You must also check whether the home is within the gated community, then it is safe for you. Can you reach the other important recreational places easily from your vacation home? For example, the home you have in mind must be close to Plantation club which contains bar, golf courses, open bar and other fun elements. You must be living walking distance to the South Beach which has outdoor bar, shopping premises, water and fishing tour, live music and popular Salty dog.

Sea Pines Plantation is the home of PGA heritage Golf classic this area offers you boating, biking, and rollerblading. Boating is the very fun experience in this area. Some of the tennis club in this area provides free tennis privileges daily for the guests. Also, few other Golf clubs offer discount rates for their guests on this island.

If your vacation rental home is close to Palmetto Dunes then you can beach is 3 miles ahead, you can find many golf course, tennis, shopping restaurants, bike trials and other fun activities. Also in Palmetto Dunes, Sheltor Cove mall and island Arts center is famous. In many homes, you have the added benefit of private beach where you can sit and relax with your family in private beach space.

Also, Shipyard plantation is the wonderful place for vacation homes. It is close to the beach, sports club and other entertainments. It is thirty minutes to Savannah and ninety minutes to Charleston where both these cities have best places to see and wonderful cuisine to taste.

Smart Buying Tips For Homes In Costa Rica

Investments in homes or other properties for sale in Costa Rica has high prospects, low risk, profitable methods, and hence many real  estate companies are focusing on buying property in Costa Rica. Are you a real estate owner looking for Costa Rica homes for sale? You can check in local newspapers for Properties for sale in Costa Rica or walk around the streets for vacant homes and contact the home owners whether they are interested in selling their home.

Everyone interested in buying property or home in Costa Rica looking for oceanic view, walking distance to beach, shops etc.  You must ensure that the home has oceanic view, easy access to waterfall, mountains, forest and other beautiful locations in Costa Rica. It must be spacious with all the important features like air conditioning, Wi-Fi with full speed, gated entry with parking inside, satellite TV with different movies and sports channels.  

The area of the house must be quiet and calm that is best for full-time residents. If you are looking for full-time residents then it is must to check whether there are many full-time residents and locals available in that area. Your home must be centrally situated to restaurants, shops, basic amenities and a short walks takes you to beach. You must also verify whether it is easily accessible to the international airport. Before buying home, you must understand its purpose either you want a rental home or looking for primary home. The home must be suitable both for rental and your primary home.

You can even find homes on top of hills in Costa Rica living in such homes give you the feel of living in the top of the world. The hill top homes are perfect for landscape view, you can look for the homes with the different kinds of tropical plants, and different varieties of fruit tree.

You must also research about the area of the home before buying. Though most of the towns and cities in Costa Rica are bounded by natural treasure the home you like to invest should be in comfortable place to live, you must find good schools for your children, find food stores, restaurants, healthcare centers, and other basic amenities close to your home. There are both elementary schools and private schools available in Costa Rica. Mostly the expats seek admission for their children in the multi-lingual school that is based on Montessori methodology

The climate in Costa Rica is also beautiful since it is the area of rain forest you can get ocean breezes. The areas such as Ojochal is situated at the backdrop of high mountains where the temperature is moderate than other areas. You can also expect rain in this region in all days during the rainy season. Also, Ojochal has many supermarkets and food stores. Gourmet store and liquid store is available in this area. You can buy the bakes food products and diary items from the local Mennonite community. In Ojochal, you can also buy local seafood’s and roadside vegetables and fruits shop.

Things To Consider When Buying A Home In Costa Rica

Lots of foreigners want to buy homes in Costa Rica for many reasons. Buying a property in Costa Rica can be a good idea. However, one should buy a right property that can solve his or her purpose. Purchasing a property in this country is a different thing. If you want to buy a property here, then you should understand the local culture and other related things. In this article, we will provide some tips for buying a home in Costa Rica.

First, as a foreigner, you should use the services of a real estate expert or agent in Costa Rica for purchasing a property. An expert or agent would be able to represent you during the property hunting and buying process. You should choose an expert, who has good knowledge about real estate matters in Costa Rica. He should also have more contacts and have a good relationship with other realtors. Always choose an expert, who has a good and proven track record.

Dealing real estate transaction in a new country can be very risky as you may not be aware of the local laws. Therefore, when you want to buy a property or get involved in real estate transaction, you need to hire a lawyer, who can guide you through all the legal matters. Remember that an attorney is the one, who has legal rights to transfer the property on behalf of the seller/buyer. So, you should not miss to hire a good attorney. You should hire an attorney, who has lots of experience in this area of law.

When searching homes for sale in Costa Rica, you should give more priority to the location. You should always buy a property that is located in a safe, pleasant and convenient neighbourhood. A property located in a good location will have higher appreciation rate, means you may be able to sell your property for a better price in the future. You need to do your own research to find out the areas that are good for buying a home. Apart from facilities, you should also check whether area has lesser crime rate.

It is better to buy a property that is built by a popular architectural and construction firm. This helps you improve the brand of your purchased property, which means you will be able to find more buyers in the future.

You should be very patient in searching for your property. Remember that you are going to spend a massive portion of your earnings in buying a property, so you should proceed with caution and knowledge. You should do lots of homework to learn the local market trends. You should also acquire some skills on forecasting real estate trends. Do not ever hesitate to avail the services of a reputable brokerage firm or real estate agents for all your property buying/selling at Costa Rica.

There are plenty of resources on the Internet to enlighten you about property buying and selling at Costa Rica. You can also look into the online property listing to search the home or property by yourself. Use the Internet as much as possible to make your property search easier and effective.

Lake Tahoe – The Best Vacation Spot For All Seasons

Lake Tahoe is said to be the perfect destination that will give you a relaxed, safe and breathtaking experience. The lake offers snow skiing, hiking trails, golf courses and others relaxation activities. Visiting the lake and enjoying here would not be a great challenge if you do it along with the help of the Buckingham properties Lake Tahoe-Vacation rental, one of the well known holiday operators who specialize in vacation properties at Lake Tahoe.

The Lake is divided into two regions. They are the south shore and the north shore. The lake is good at providing the best vacation experience. People come here to visit and have fun irrespective of their ages. The lake offers notable experience with entertainments and variety of activities. The must visit lake vacation includes Heavenly Ski Trail, Emerald Bay, children’s Museum, Spooner summit and Tahoe Rim trail. The Truckee River rafting, side trip to Carson City are some of the highlights of North Lake Tahoe. This is known to be the best vacation to relax, as the most tourist spots are scenic mountain ranges along the North Shore. The funny activities include casinos, boat cruises, gondolas and ski resorts that are heavenly. The lake has the best opportunity for dining and shopping along the south shore.

The best ever time to visit the lake and have fun would be none other than during winter. Winter includes games or activities such as skiing, skating, snowboarding, sledding and skating. The vacation’s summer activities include cruising, rafting, boating, biking, fishing, hiking and golfing.

Summer offers skiing which is one of the best opportunities along with the rafting in white water, hiking, fishing, golfing, biking and rafting. Enjoy the pleasure of panoramic views of the lake. To have a great time with your family and friends while enjoying your vacation visit Lake Tahoe. You have a wide variety of lodging such as luxury hotels, quaint condos, mountain treats, lake Motels, lake view resorts and rustic lodges.

Cooler For Your Picnic Trip

Going for a small picnic with family or friends is an amazing weekend plan. It gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and stay away from the common din. Many times companies also organize picnics for their staffs on weekends. However, going for a picnic needs food item. Either you prepare it at home and carry or prepare it over there itself. Even if you cook the food, you will be required to carry some drinks and beverages with you from before. Now the problem comes, how to keep the drinks in its normal condition until the end. Usually, the summer heat makes the beverages unfit for drinking.

You will be surprised to know how efficiently a cooler can solve this problem. Read Wheeled Cooler reviews to find out about the best wheeled cooler product in the market. There are back pack coolers, with or without wheels that are perfect to store chilled items for a really long time. Some of them have the capacity of keeping the beverages cool for approximately five days. Even in extremely hot weather such as 90 degrees, they can keep your stuff cool enough and in good condition. Coolers are made of a sturdy material which makes them fit for any unusual use. However, it is your choice what type of product you need.

If you want a cooler for regular use, do not buy a sporty one. Those heavy duty ones will cost you more than the regular use ones. It is your choice and you should buy as per your purpose. Check the thermo guard insulation, waterproof lining, and the wheels before buying a cooler. If these things are not up to mark, there is no use buying a cooler. It will not be able to perform its work very efficiently. There are many companies manufacturing picnic coolers, but only a few of them are actually successful at what they are making.

There are coolers available based on the number of people who will be requiring it. Accordingly, you can buy one that is fit for four people or whatever your requirement may be. The waterproof compartment in the cooler must be intact. Any leakage will disrupt the functioning of the entire system. Some cooler models store food with removable liner. Some also have a integrated section for storing wine. Now you can carry the best wine variety with you wherever you go. There can be nothing better than having a cool bottle of wine with you wherever you go.

Usually, they come in a variety of ranges, but you should select something as per your requirement. Doing a precise purchase will help you save some money as well. Buying something beyond your requirement will cost you unnecessarily. Buy a color that is sober enough as it can fade over time and give your cooler a dull appearance. The wheels and handles to carry the cooler must be sturdy enough. This will ensure safe travel along with your favorite items. An elegant shoulder pack will serve the best purpose for individual requirement.

Rafting Grand Canyon- Cheapest Smooth Water Float

When it comes to smooth water rafting, most people think it is expensive but this single day smooth water float is really cheap. Grand Canyon rafting tours start by boarding in the luxury bus at Grand Canyon National Park. Then travels about 140 miles and drops at the rafting place. Now you will be pushed off into the floating walls and allow to float till you reach the famous u bend that combines the best of areas orange sandstone cliffs.

One of the most happy and the famous things about these travels are the boatmen; they are very smart enough on how to handle any sort of tough situation. In addition, they have wide knowledge about the geography and the history. They will be very good at explaining the tradition and the history of the places you are visiting. They will be very happy in answering all your questions without any hesitations.

You can see very well that the river starts to thicken and the vegetation widens. That is how the wealth the place is measured. This is the only place for about 250kms to cross the still.
The Grand Canyon luxury service comes with the free water rafting service includes, the food, perks, the transportation charges through bus, hotel shuttle service, lunch and drinks. In summer, it could be very hot and so you are recommended to bring sunscreen, clothes, and your inners if you wish to swim in, and drink lots of water. Swimsuit is not compulsory, but you will do good to bring one along.

The cost of the trip could be bargained. However, if you want to get the maximum advantage out of it, it is better to book through online agents or companies through the internet. Some of the companies offer a good 35% discount for advance bookings on the internet.